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Holy Week Easter Story Stones Activity

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Somehow our kids have ended up with an inconveniently large rock collection since we moved to Colorado. Even the dullest rocks are treasured and I dare not suggest getting rid of them. I first saw the idea for Easter story stones on the family blog and thought that it would be a perfect way to put our rock collection to use. The stones were a huge hit with our kids! We will definitely use them each year during Holy Week as a way to engage with the Easter stories as a family.

While the stones by themselves are great, I felt like I needed the corresponding story titles and scripture references to make it easier to teach the stories. I created a printable sequencing sheet and it made all the difference. Not only did it help me teach the stories to our kids, but it also helped our kids to visualize the order of events and see how the Bible stories were tied together. You can download the sequencing printable for free at the end of this post.


How to Make Easter Story Stones

Making Easter Story Stones

What You’ll Need:

  • 8 stones, roughly the same size. The smoother the better.
  • White Sharpie paint pen (Found at most craft stores. I found mine at Walgreens.)
  • Printable Easter story sequencing page (download at the end of this post).

Easter Story Stones Supplies


Using the paint pen, draw a picture on each stone to symbolize a part of the Easter story.

  • Palm Sunday: Leaf
  • Lord’s Supper: Cup and bread
  • Jesus praying in the Garden of Gathsemane: Praying hands
  • Jesus’ arrest: Ear
  • Jesus is mocked: Crown of thorns
  • Crucifixion: Cross
  • Burial: Tomb
  • Resurrection: Sun

Printable Sequencing Page for Easter Story Stones

Starting with Palm Sunday, teach one of the stories of Easter each day of Holy Week. Use the sequencing sheet to review the stories from earlier in the week and teach the order of events to your child. You can read the stories together, look up pictures in a children’s Bible, watch videos, and use other media to engage your child with the lessons.


Easter Story Stones with Sequencing Sheet and Bible

Our kids took this activity and ran with it. Everyone got out their children’s Bibles and started looking up the stories, showing each other pictures, and talking about Jesus. For me it was one of those beautiful moments where I felt like I could tangibly see God at work in my children’s hearts. I was reminded that they are in His hands and that our efforts are not in vain.



How to make Easter Story stones, plus a free sequencing printable!

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD Easter Story Stones

Use the link above to download the Easter Story sequencing page.

For more faith-based Easter activities to do with your family, follow our Pinterest Boards HERE! There you can find all of the activities on our Blog as well as other great resources from other folks around the web.


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